Sports Hypnosis

Hypnosis is used for many things, stopping smoking, losing weight, increasing confidence, removing fears, and many other areas for self improvement. One of the most satisfying things for any athlete, is to be able to use hypnosis to improve their sports performance. And it’s very easy to do so.

Hypnosis is about learning how to use your mind effectively. If you are having any challenges in your sport that has not been easily addressed through practice, and exercise, you can figure that with some minor changes in your mental approach to your game improvements will be made.

In all athletic endeavors, once the physical component of the sport is mastered, it is just a matter of allowing your body to do what it has learned to do. The problems that athletes usually encounter is that their conscious thoughts get in the way of their physical performance. It’s the conscious mind preventing the physical body from performing to it’s optimum ability. And that’s where hypnosis excels in making quick changes.

A simple example will show you what I mean. There are many physical activities that you perform that have no stresses caused by doubt, or fear, or any other feeling. These could be as simple as walking up a flight of stairs. I’m sure you have walked up many flights of stairs without any mishap at all. Now if you were to take a moment before you start up your next flight of stairs and try to consciously direct yourself to walk up the stairs, you would probably find yourself tripping or almost tripping. Even hesitating with your next step as you become unsure of what to do next. But when you walk up the stairs without any conscious thought as you normally do, there’s no problem.

Using this type of process, taking the conscious mind out of your decision making process while you’re playing your game, or sport is one of the ways that hypnosis for sports improvement can help. Every athlete of note uses these techniques already. Either by training with a sports hypnotist, or as a natural ability that they stumbled upon on their own. Hypnosis is just the art and science of using how the mind normally learns these process to direct your ability to excel at the areas of life that are important to you.

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